Mama Rochel Lyrics

Mama Rochel lyrics

Abie Rotenberg

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Lyrics to Mama Rochel
With the rising sun on her wedding day
she raised her eyes to the heaven
and she thanked Hashem for the man of truth
with whom she would build a nation.

but when nighttime came
destiny betrayed
a veil concealing another
yet a sisters shame
not her shattered dreams
took hold of her heart and her senses

Mama Rochel cry for us again
wont you shed a tear for your dear children
if you raise your sweet vioce now as then
the day will come

in a raod side grave she was laid to rest
in solitude forever o
but her gave hope to the broken hearts
of her daughters and sons bound fro exile

when her plaintive cry
gained divine consent
a challenge to her maker
Can the mercy of mare flesh and blood
run deeper then yours, our creator?


now your voice is still
as you heed the call
of meni kolech mebechi
its our fathers will he who made us all
dare we ask of you to defy him

yet a frightend child
numb from pain and grief
remains forlorn and uncertain
clinging to the faith
that he can be heard
as he crys out to his mother


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