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Losers Never Win lyrics

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Lyrics to Losers Never Win
Deep inside's a longing,
Tugging at my heart every time.
I still fall short.

Another day,
The same results,
When will this stop,
I find out that I cannot win,
I cannot win.

My son,
Look at you now,
You fill...
You're filling the void,
With Emptiness.

You fill the void with emptiness,
From all your fears,
You runaway,
Just let it go,
Fall back on Me.

The smallest step,
The biggest leap,
The final straw,
of your fashion drink,
No place to rest,
Fall back on Me.

Will this ever end,
This ficious cycle I am in,
What can I say?
What can I do?
I run in vain with no return,
When will this stop?

Throw me away (I just wanna get out)

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