Living Testimony Lyrics

Living Testimony lyrics

The Williams Brothers

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Lyrics to Living Testimony [Chorus]
I am I'm a living testimony, I could've been
dead and gone but Lord you let me live on

I am a living testimony and I thank the Lord I'm
still alive (repeat X1)

I've seen mircale after mircale performed in my life you kept
having mercy on me I've been blessed to be alive
When I couldn't see, Lord you kept your angles in camp around me
and I wanna take this time to say thank you lord for keeping me alive.
I've had many friends and loved ones, who've gone on before me
You know it caused my heart to bleed, and I realized it could've been me
I know that I'm not worthy but the good lord keep on keeping me and
I want to tell him thank you lord I'm still alive


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