Let's Bang Lyrics

Let's Bang lyrics

Shaka Ponk

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Let's Bang Video:
Lyrics to Let's Bang Saturday night in a dancing house I say (yeah yeah yeah yeah) 
Storming boys staring at my eyes I say (yeah yeah yeah yeah) 
You're the one I like 
I wanna share my story tonight 
Big mama you're my kind 
Gimme a part of your precious time 

Hey you're the one I like 
I wanna share your love tonight 
I wanna smoke your special thing 
Let's Bang bang bang 

You'd better do your dance 
You'd better take that chance 
You'd better move your butt 
You gotta show me what you got 
You wanna check this man 
Jump on the line 
You gotta shake that ass 
If you wanna have mine 
It's soon the perfect time 
I'm sounding lighter 
You wanna hang, wanna hang 
So do the dance and 
Bang bang bang bang bang 

Do the dance mate and I lose cabeza 
Yeah yeah yeah yeah 
You get my ass with the troubleshoot styla 
Yeah yeah yeah yeah 
I wanna get naughty and no wanna doubt 
Yeah yeah yeah yeah 
The boys over the rainbow is just what I want 
Yeah ! Yeah ! Yeah ! 

Hey yo chic-chica you wanna hang out with the jerk? 
So bring your ass to table! 
Wanna hang wanna hang 
So do the dance and 
Bang bang bang bang bang ! 

I kill yo, I kill yo, I kill yo yo yo, I kill yo

(Merci à Victor pour cettes paroles)

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