La Mama Morta (engl. Translation) Lyrics

La Mama Morta (engl. Translation) lyrics

Maria Callas

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Lyrics to La Mama Morta (engl. Translation) My mother is dying
Close to the door to my room
While dying, she saved me!...
Then, in the dead of night
I left with Bersi.
And in the distance,
Flames leapt up behind us;
Fierce tongues of fire set all the sky aglow,
Lighting our path.
My home, my beloved home,
Was burnt to ashes.
I was alone.
I had no shelter.
What hunger! What misery!
What need! What danger!
Then I fell ill and Bersi, poor faithful creature,
She would not leave me;
She bartered her beauty to keep me alive.
I bring misfortune even to those
Who love me.
It so happened in that pain
That my poor heart awoke to love.
In a voice of soft compassion he murmured:
And yet you live!
In my eyes is your heaven!
You are not alone.
Thy tears of despair I will banish.
I am beside you,
To guide your faltering footsteps.
Smile and hope!
For Love itself am I! (I AM love!)
Though thy path be dark with terror,
Take heart!
I am the divine!
I am oblivion!
I am God.
Raise your eyes and behold me;
I come to thee from out of the vault of heaven above,
Making earth a paradise.
I am love!
And the angel hovered near me,
And kissed me with the cold kiss of death.
This worthless body is my body!
Take it wherever you will,
For I am dead already.
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