Just Another Rainy Day Lyrics

Just Another Rainy Day lyrics

Collingsworth Family

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Lyrics to Just Another Rainy Day
Storm clouds are coming and you're still humming yesterday's victory tune, you've got it all together but you haven't seen the weather that's coming when the day is through, but if you stop and listen, and just pay attention to the word God has to day, He knows what you need, and you can believe anything He has to say.

If God says build an ark, it won't be just another rainy day, If God tells you to start, you better not hesitate, He's got a master plan He's working and the best thing for you to do is obey, if God says build an ark, it won't be just another rainy day.

Struggling and trying on your knees crying, I can't make it anymore, your praying to the Father to just come and water your soul with the word from the Lord, a dry and thirsty season is just the right reason, to believe that God's about to move, in the heat of the day you just trust and obey, God's got a plot for you.

Repeat Chorus

(Thanks to Dan Mooney for these lyrics)

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