John 3:16 Lyrics

John 3:16 lyrics


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Lyrics to John 3:16 (feat. Method Man, Panama P.I.)

[Intro: Method Man]
Boy, you ain't shit
Muthafuckin' right, this my intro, my nigga
Allah Math, that was a good one
One love to the God Inf
In my heart baby, one, one
Stapleton, the Wild West, Park Hill (we gon' freak
this shit like this)
Port Richmond, Now Born, Jungle Nilz

[Chorus: Method Man]
I'm screamin' long live The W
I see you fools through the same as my brothers do
Now can somebody tell me who let them dogs out
And watch these villains tear the roof off they dog house

[Method Man]
Who got that champagne, got that remy, got it good and plenty
Who only got a few friends, and they not friendly
And to scrubs, I might just blackout and blow your lightbulb
We turn night clubs to Fight Club, that's what happens when you invite thugs
The bouge function with haters and busters
And big head Hollywood hoes, let's get the fuckers
Guess who, you like Meth who, now let me show you what the tech do
Spit when he talk, and word wet you
It's the return of the su-super sperm
Mackin', lovin' my perm, have ya, fling out that burn, bitch
If you don't know me, then you better know my flow
Meth Jigga what, Jigga who, jiggalo

[Hook: Method Man]
I don't usually do this, but keep the party going (uh-huh)
I don't usually do this, but keep the party going (nigga)
I don't usually do this, but keep the party going
Yo yo'ing, yo, yo, yo, yo'ing


[Method Man]
As if the fortune or fame, that make y'all change
Got Milton Bradley hatin' the game, playas hatin' the same
Y'all know his name, no need to mention or to explain
What I've been through, how I get down, or why I came
Let's talk about this flame in my mouth, I can't contain
Some weed pocket change and some brain I can't complain
Now, I heard y'all ladies got them thang thangs, do you really
Park Hillbillies, come from down south, slap ya silly
So what the dealy, with them Dutch Masters, really yo
Backwoods, and niggaz that make herb with illio
I swear these niggaz don't know they ass from they elbow
Don't know that I'mma strike, short of a shelltoe
Niggaz around here, stick ya like velcro
Case closed, baby it ain't safe no more
Come on



[Interlude: Panama P.I.]
If you can drink or smoke it
Whatever gets you by, everybody in here, high
You can drink it or smoke it
Whatever gets you by, everybody in here, high
We gon' keep the party going, Mathematics, Method Man
Panama P.I., yea, John 3:16

[Chorus x2]

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