It's Diff'rent Now Lyrics

It's Diff'rent Now lyrics

Elvis Presley

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Lyrics to It's Diff'rent Now
Look at you and tell myselfHow wonderful you areYou're so different nowTo me you're much more wonderful, more wonderful by farYes, you're different nowThere's more to love than holding hands and stealing kissesNo-one else aroundThere's the good times and the badThere's the ups and downs we've hadBut it's different now I'm so glad I still have youThere's always something new to seeI look at you, you look at meAnd we're so different nowLove gets better every day 'n in some peculiar wayIt's always different nowIf we ever say goodbye, you'd be lostAnd so would I, what's the difference now between usLove just for a day, and a love that's here to stayThat's the difference now, the difference now

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