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It's Cherried lyrics

At The Skylines

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Lyrics to It's Cherried
I see the Judas inside the betraying eyes of you

The divine gift of your inception,
plagues carried with the one single brick
that seems to hold our base, in this fragile state

I'll turn off all the lights and then when they are sleeping
Alright, ok, so this is where we are going (away from here)
And once we fly away
It's I'm right you're wrong and you'll soon know where we're going

Cause when we kill all the lights
just know we won't wait around 'till tomorrow
Cause once I told you I loved, I lied

With every other heartbeat
I'm seeming to find a traitor aside of me
With every other heartbeat
you'll tear inside by a vision confide by me
Blame every last cringed like crooked smile
on the faces that hide behind me
They're all on the edge masqueraded and fading

I watched them fall right to the floor
from the empire that they came from
Just take it from, its easy to see that they'll be overcome
(Close your eyes)

And we'll dance around and start a collision
how many times have you seen a misled future
Once we're on, we'll turn from their faces, and soon you'll see
You must not follow, I will guide thee home

Could this mean anything, I see behind all the blinding symbols
Could this mean anything, I smelt deception from a mile away

So soon we will all be overcome
Just take it from me it's easy to see
we'll all be standing one by one
I watched them fall, right to the edge of the empire rooftop,
I am home (Close your eyes)

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