In Too Deep (mit Metaphysics) Lyrics

In Too Deep (mit Metaphysics) lyrics

Xavier Naidoo

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Lyrics to In Too Deep (mit Metaphysics)
You're the beauty in the morning
You're a beauty in the night
And I just want to wake up knowing
Everything is just alright

Schwer zu sagen, was ich tue
Vielleicht finden sie uns bald
Ich genieß weiter die Ruhe
Und deine liebe ist meine halt

We're in too deep
Far too deep to say goodbye
We're in too deep
Far too deep to say goodbye

Jedes Wort scheint jetzt zu viel
Mach die Worte zum Gefühl
Ich wie', das hier ist kein spiel
Und doch ist es alles, was ich will

I don't want to say goodbye
So let's just hold each other tight right now
It's just us
I know the world's in chaos
But my peace comes from knowing I fond you now
That's deep
I don't want this moment to end
That's deep
I don't want this moment to end
Let's transcend to a higher level
We're not condemned yeah
There is still hope and right now you will witness
Like the newspaper takes pictures
Better yet like the bible got scriptures
The best part is knowing that he is there with us
So deep it's not too late, don't cry
Cause you know there is a plan
Let me stand by your side and be there to the end
What we have is something I will defend
Give me your hand
Hold tight, just trust
Even though it's come to this we've got us

Did all these forces come together to destroy what we call love
But I will fight to make it better and I'll try to make it work

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