I'm Still Young Lyrics

I'm Still Young lyrics

Jon Redfern

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Lyrics to I'm Still Young I'm still young, I feel just fine
Move around, waste my time
Carry on, feel no sorrow
Moving on, moving on
Couldn't get rich if you paid me
Waste it all, feel so happy
I'm the one you couldn't rip off
I'm the one, I'm the one
Write a cheque, make it happen
Write a song, sell your problem
I'm the one who never caught on
I'm the one, I'm the one

This is like nowhere, you're not complaining
This is like feeling, simplified pain oh yeah

It's a mechanical machine
It won't rest until we've seen
All the worst that you can do
All this fear turns you blind
On the pages in a book
All the time that we withstood
It just passed me on by
All the stories brought tears to my eyes

This is like nowhere, you're not complaining
This is like feeling simplified pain, oh yeah
Oh baby, nothing is reason for starting again
I'm out of answers, so we can begin

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