I'm Only Human Lyrics

I'm Only Human lyrics

The Parlotones

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Lyrics to I'm Only Human
And if the karma patrol
Take control
I'm gonna be in trouble
And if the mole police
Asks for receipts
I am gonna burst their bubble

Richen, smidgen
Muddy, smutty
Who is your god?

I'm not the type to pray, except when I fall
I'm only human after all

I played the devil's advocate
I played into his hands
I played the fool, I played the fire
I played the victim's hand

And if you bump into the devil
Tell him I understand
Rather the devil you know
Than the devil you don't
I hope you can understand
I'm only human after all

I fell into the trap
I fell into her lap
I ate the apple of lust, lust, lust
(..) the apple tree of lust

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