I'm Gonna Move Right In Lyrics

I'm Gonna Move Right In lyrics

The Velvet Underground

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Lyrics to I'm Gonna Move Right In
Well she's straight and look like a lot of fun
The bar's open I'm gonna go have a drink with everyone
Walking downtown skies can't get any greater
Haven't got no money and I haven't got a prayer
I'm gonna move right in (x3)
After we hang a little we're gonna have a little fun
Gonna go shoot and kill and go knife everyone
The bar looks like haven gonna have myself a drink
Hey man don't you know I fell right in to the swing
I'm Gonna move right in (x3) Yeah
Gonna go uptown so I can get myself straight
Gonna go see my mama see if I got myself a date
Time is runnin' out I'm comin' right down to the wire
Gotta go do something to get myself higher
I'm gonna move right in (x3) Hey

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