I'll Be Here When You Wake Lyrics

I'll Be Here When You Wake lyrics

The Reindeer Section

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Lyrics to I'll Be Here When You Wake
Leave my bed warm and
I'll breathe in your smell
We shouldn't tell a single soul
You know its right
I want to shout it out
It's killing to hold
Hold it in my head
When's there's barely room for me

And I see you name in the darkness
Like you should be there
And I miss you more
When im coming down
And I fear the door

Leave my brain in knots
That I'll never quite unfold
I can't make head nor tail
Of this fizzing on my tongue
Both my hands are tied
So I can't pick up the phone
Even if I wanted to
By god I don't

Songwriters: LIGHTBODY, GARY
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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