I Wasted Time Lyrics

I Wasted Time lyrics

Paul Kelly

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Lyrics to I Wasted Time I wasted time, now time is wasting me
One question left - to be or not to be
I cheated time and now it's time to pay
All out of change and nothing left to say

I was a handsome raver in my time
Oh girl, you should have seen me in my prime
I see old friends at funerals now and then
It's down to this - it's either me or them

Yes, I wasted time
Now time is wasting me
Soon it's closing time
Won't you stay with me?

Molly took my hand and led the way
Now Molly's yellow hair has turned to grey
She wore a red dress she let me undo
Though Molly swears that day her dress was blue

Yes, I wasted time
I thought It came for free
Now it's closing time
Won't you pray for me?

I tell you there's not failure like success
And no success like failure too, I guess
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