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I Want To Meet You lyrics


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Lyrics to I Want To Meet You Believe me, I wanna be your friend.
And I wanna be with you.
Cause I want to understand you.

No more msn.
I wanna finally meet you.
Go out on a date.
Eat together everyday, never leave eachother's side.
Don't wanna be away from you.

Meet me at a quarter to 3 (quarter to 3)
We'll rock it on the floor.

Cause I could dance all night to the rythum of my heart, let's move our feet and get back to the start.
Dance, dance, dance.
Rock your body on the floor,
dance, dance, dance.
Your gonna lose control.

Now say what you wanna do.
Now dance, and be true.
Let's fall in love on the dancefloor,
since it's the only place we can be us!

Dance, dance, dance
dance, dance, dance...

(Thanks to Kiana mercer for these lyrics)

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