Lyrics to I Lost My Pants
I Lost My Pants Video:
I lost my pants--has anybody seen them?
I can't go anywhere until they return.
I can't go back to school this way; I know they'll send me home;
Being naked is my concern.

My pants ran away while I was sound asleep;
They slipped away so silently, they didn't make a peep.
I wonder where they went to? I wish they'd come back soon.
I want my slacks to walk right back and sit down in my room.

This happens all the time--last week it was my gloves,
After that my hat, then the jacket that I love.
Dad won't help me look for them. You know what he said?
"All your clothes are rumpled up and dumped beside your bed."

I left them here just yesterday when I went to bed--
And here they are, I found them; just like my daddy said.
Now finally I can do whatever I may choose.
I can even go to school again....if I can find my shoes
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