I Don't Care, You Don't Care Lyrics

I Don't Care, You Don't Care lyrics


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Lyrics to I Don't Care, You Don't Care
(Weikath)You took me up and you took me downYou managed not to make me frownI met some dogs, they looked me downAnd said: "You're not her only man in town"Don't you beleive that I feel blue'Cos I know the ones who act the way you doYou kinda ones will always stay the way you areBut I don't care, you don't care, we don't careShit happens - let it happenMy sister drove my Bentley homeAnd found she wasn't all aloneShe led him in and thought she'd wonHe took the car and now he's goneDon't you believe that I feel blueThere's other thoughts and other things to doTho sometimes I think bad luck is going a littleToo farBut I don't care...

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