Holy Thou Art Holy Lyrics

Holy Thou Art Holy lyrics

Karen Clark Sheard

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Lyrics to Holy Thou Art Holy
[Verse 1:]
Though the darkness hideth Thee,
sinful man, Thy glory not see;
but holy, Thou art holy,
there is none like Thee,
there is none like Thee.

[Verse 2:]
Cherubims and Seraphims,
they bow down and worship Him.
Great Thy royal diadem,
ever more shall be,
ever more shall be.

Holy Thou art holy,
there is none beside Thee.
Perfect is Thy majesty,
love and purity,
love and purity.

Though your skies clouded with fear
and your victory seems so near,
but remember Thou art holy,
He can do all things,
He can do all things.


(God is holy) holy
[repeat as desired]

(God is holy).

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