Hold My Hand Today Lyrics

Hold My Hand Today lyrics

Glacia Robinson

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Lyrics to Hold My Hand Today Verse 1

my strength is surely failing
as trials come both left and right
and in the center i'm now standing
not a trace of hope in side
and if tears were only rain drops
the universe would be flooding now
so lord i call you today
please don't pass me by


hold my hands today
less i fall
guide my steps all the way
please hear my call
for the cares of life
is all i now see
please walk me through them
that's all i ask of thee

verse 2

a storm of fear now surrounds me
a failing heart i see i see
broken hearts and painful memories
the quest for help abides in me
still i know your standing near me
but i so need your hand in mine
so lord i ask you today
please hear my cry

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