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Happy Day lyrics

Broken Clown

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Lyrics to Happy Day Woke up this morning in a puddle of drool
I didn't even know you cared
My eyes are half closed as I bash into walls
I don't even want you to speak to me
My head is still pounding and my stomach is sore
I'll scream if I don't brush my teeth
I'd like to find a corner and chew on some lead
A bullet might help me to get through the day

Find me a lighter
Pack me a smoke
Pack me another
Then let's hit the road

Screaming down the road wearing bloodshot eyes
My hair is frozen stiff before it's started to dry
I should have stayed in bed and pretended to die
Only coffee keeps me going...

The telephone is ringing
It's blowing my mind
"I haven't even unlocked the door!"
Someone is tying to send me some grief
But I don't even want you to speak to me
"Bully for you, man" now give me a break
You made the assumption I care
Please leave me be now, I do need my rest
Some hot lead might help me to get through the day

Find me some paper
Roll me a smoke
Roll me another
Now leave me alone!

And I bet they wonder why I'm "high strung" all the time
It's not the coffee I drink, or the smoke in my eyes
It can be an inconvenience to be alive
But you know I'm only joking
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