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Freedom lyrics

Melissa Ferrick

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Lyrics to Freedom
sadness finds its way onto me
yeah on any given day
and I just end up feeling guilty
and I don't know how many times I've told you
I do not know how I ended up this way
it's as if sometimes I have just halted
yeah I stop dead in my tacks
life it just seems to cover me
and it's in these moments that I feel trapped

so I claim freedom
yeah I claim my freedom

so what is it exactly that you want from me
oh yeah you want me to stay
even though I am terrified
to let myself
end up this way
yeah I'm afraid of feeling
of feeling nothing at all
and I'm afraid of settling down
into a love
that ain't love at all

so I claim my freedom
yeah I claim I claim freedom

so take this brain out and hang it on the line
take this chair out back and burn it
‘cause I can't get any work done from in here
you know this hole I dug myself in
has got me buried up to helpless

and I'd like to call you a liar
yeah but that's what you
isn't that what you always called me
yeah I'd like to call you a liar
yeah but that's what you
that's what you always called me

so I claim freedom
yeah claim I claim freedom
freedom freedom

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