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Find It In Me lyrics

William Fitzsimmons

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Lyrics to Find It In Me
This house is full of secrets that i
have kept from her for far too long
i hope i make it through the day

my conduct should be suspect and my
intentions should be checked buy i'm to
involved in making plans for my soul

her heart is full of kindness that she's
given away and now she is tired
of all the parts of life that she made

she tries to help out everyone
but i can only help myself
i question whether she knows she's safe

i hope you find it
cause i could not find it in me

i can't say when i'll leave you for good
my selfish heart hopes you don't go first
God knows i couldn't make it one day

i'll ask that you find someone to help
like you treated me like you were myself
you broke your back to make it okay

these parts of life that i cannot hold
you carry me along with your load
you're more than i could ever repay

i hope you find it
cause i could not find it in me

(Thanks to William for these lyrics)

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