Fantastic... She's Elastic Lyrics

Fantastic... She's Elastic lyrics

The Party Foul!

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Lyrics to Fantastic... She's Elastic We are here to cut to the chase,
and draw the line.
That we are here to entertain you tonight,
and if we fall below,
the line of your standards,
we will change your mind.

Feel the sound that we created inside,
your hollow hearts,
from this moment on.
This beat will carry on, we stand here,
as a probable cause of your happiness.
Trust me, if it wasn't for the place and time,
I'd stop using you as my heroin.

Abuse! Is what you call this!

As we sweat for your cheers tonight,
we do it all for you.

We do it all for you.

We do it all for you,
so let your body move,
let your body move.

Let's keep on moving to the sound of our hearts,
we kept our promise,
so do your fucking part,
do your fucking part.

We've given you everything we've ever dreamed.
We've given you everything we've ever dreamed.

you're here tonight, you're here tonight.

What's the chance that you'll be my friend?
What's the chance?

Let your body move.

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