Familiar Landscapes Lyrics

Familiar Landscapes lyrics

A New Found Glory

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Lyrics to Familiar Landscapes let's fall deeper into sleep
and our dreams become fake reality
i wake, i hope.
I'm on my way, to a coast
where I know the roads like the back of my hand
familiar landscapes

and I know that this is new
like your first day of school
and you're feeling awkward
like you miss your home
and it leaves you with an empty feeling
I just can't take it anymore

what do you want from me?
what do you want from my life?
what do you want from me?
cause my heart can't take it
my heart can't take this anymore
you feel deeply misplaced
your world has been built to crumble
you hope and pray everyday it works out
and it leaves me with this empty feeling
I just can't take it anymore

What better time than now to bandage your bleeding
and I won't stop till I fix your misleading
your charm of course you use as a weapon
but my heart can't take it
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