Even The Kids Don't Believe Me Lyrics

Even The Kids Don't Believe Me lyrics

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Lyrics to Even The Kids Don't Believe Me
I never told you I'm almost lost every time
Reminds me of the way I've felt, I feel on cool cold blue afternoons
Or when I hear the radio reeling freely in some other room
I never told you almost every time

I couldn't tell if it was late in the afternoon
Or just the week before Christmas Eve
The snow at our backs, we're both drunk
When you said to me, "Only a child doesn't know it's a child."

But even the kids, they don't believe me
They're throwing rocks right through me
Wake up, you're not dreaming
There's no bee's nest swimming through your head
Even the kids can see right through this

I'm in the closet trying on all of my old shoes
Waiting for someone to come by, say something of use
I'm in the kitchen listening to the snow hit the ground
Hope to hell someone will tell me, "It's okay you can go now."
When somehow I'm always outside looking in at my old house
And I can hear myself whispering out loud, "Come back in now."

Come back in now, come back in, come back in now
Come back in, come back now, come back in
And if I spoke of the sun I wasn't wrong
Heart kept warm, heart keep warn on, I never told you

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