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Lyrics to Equinox Of The Gods
Listen to the angel sing
I can hear her crying
I can see her burning wing
In a burning church of shame
A bloody Mary in flames
Spoken infernal names

Rise from the ashes and do it again
Yeah, we can make it happen

My Nemesis, my friend
Why don't you stop to pretend
It's the beginning not the bitter end, no

Through the Genesis flood
We were baptized in blood
A military coup of the new God's

Rise from the ashes and do it again
Yeah, we can make it happen

This is the Equinox of the Gods

Set the altar on fire
See the embers go higher
See the burning oils glowing
Sacrificial blood's flowing

We never bow unto thee
We went to Gethsemane
To kill your self-pitying Nazarene

Now all the cherubs are deceased
Upon their corpses we feast
The only good priest is a dead priest!

(Crucify her upsidedown
Impale her with rusty nails
Dress her up in a blood red gown
And gory, beautifully painted veil
Let her bleed to death before our eyes
Oh ooh
May she be punished and sacrificed
Oh ooh, oh yeah!)

The dirty nuns are in chains
No monasteries remain
The time has come for our Master to reign


Thy kingdom is gone
Satan's work is done
And A-Bomb over Babylon

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