Eiszeit (English) Lyrics

Eiszeit (English) lyrics


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Lyrics to Eiszeit (English) May I live without frontiers? No, you're not allowed!
May I love despite the consequences? No, you're not allowed!
May I search for the meaning? No, you're not allowed!

The frost crawls into all bones
And the limbs are growing weight
They have broken my heart
It is still bumping but not alive anymore

Ice age, and we are lost in the ocean
Ice age, and breathing is so hard oh
Ice age, I will drown with you
Ice age, and never arise again

May I live my dreams? No, you're not allowed!
Reach my hands out to my enemy? No, you're not allowed!
May I give away my black heart? No, you're not allowed!
May I think for myself? No, you're not allowed!

Fall asleep, my heart
And come to rest
Fall asleep, my heart
The world freezes up
Fall asleep, fall asleep, my heart

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