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Lyrics to Drop It (feat. Busta Rhymes)

[Chorus - Papoose]
Gun to mind
Mind to gun
Define which one is the surviving one
You say to mind your means is surviving
Define it son
Rappers use their mind
Since the mind behind the gun
The mind refines the dumb
Guarding them for time to come

Drop it son

Gun to mind
Mind to gun
Define which one is the surviving one
You say guns is your means to surviving
Define it son
Where you get your power from when drama comes?
Behind the gun
Power is money
Money is power

Drop it son

[Verse 1 - Papoose]
Mind over matter
You need common sense
So you can analyze and study current events
Politics got me sick to my stomach
I'm feeling nausea
can't go to Atlantic City to get my dollars up
The casino's shut down from the bottom up
lost a lot of money out there
Feel like they robbing us
The governor he a billionaire
He got a lot of bucks
guess all the money he made is just not enough
Suicidal bombers in and out of la gradia
Governor Cozine scared of the mafia
His way or the high way, no hesitation
It's about to be a political assassination
And they say the terrorists had plans to blow the Holland up
Push the water into the Manhattan to flood the island up
They say it can't happen
Man they always lie to us
The Hudson River got enough water to fucken swallow us

[Chorus - Papoose]

[Verse 2 - Busta Rhymes]
Pap, you so right when you say the mind refines the dumb
With the powerful jewel I drop they wonder where my knowledge from
So I tell them I possess the power of an army
Numb the oppression, all the aggression
Combine it as one with science that awakes them when they sleep and re-forces them to replay it
As it gets deeper they'll probably kill me when I try to say it
Because of the power I possess already
shit is funny
The say I'm more potentially dangerous when I get money
Never hesitate to kill a devil or superstition
But the random orange alerts that scare you into submission
I give your proper understanding, just acknowledge the wisdom
There's still the fear of god and the fear of terrorism
But no matter the circumstances I'll be the one first to get the iron
Command my respect and survive me the worst shit
While I share another perspective; the truthers don't abuse it
As I have the ratchet I'm praying I do not have to use it

[Chorus - Papoose]

[Verse 3 - Papoose]
Power is money so in guns we trust
All we do is re-up, bag up, roll, and puff
They saying freeze, I've done froze enough
Rather close my eyes before I let these cops close my cuffs
Call me grimey I give niggas whose hold and stuck
Like these body bluffing ass niggas supposed to front
You can call me watch you wanna
I couldn't give a golden fuck
I take the pennies out your loafers punk
see you got your man posted up
Don't tell him to hold you down
You going to need someone to hold you up
When I put it to his chest and unload the pump
I'm going to hit him until his mutherfuckin' shoulders touch
I think with my gun
Keep the 'fo in my nuts
Roll up on you while you rolling a blunt
They say keep your enemy close
Keep my enemy close - for what?
I catch my enemy close, I'm a roast his guts

[Chorus - Papoose]
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