Drinking Again Lyrics

Drinking Again lyrics

Aretha Franklin

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Lyrics to Drinking Again
I'm drinkin' again.
Thinking of when you, when loved me.
Having a few.
And I'm wishing, you were here.

Well I'm making the rounds.
Making the rounds and setting them up
For a total stranger.
Them imagine I'm Just being a fool,
Hoping, that you'll, you"ll appear.

Sure i can borrow a smoke.
Well I can sit here all night and tell jokers some jokes,
But who's gonna laugh,
Who's gonna laugh at my broken heart, hurt?

Drinking again.
Thinking of when you, when you loved me.
And I'm tryin' to get home
With nothing, nothing but a memory, memory.
Turn it back and it just
I almost I got no...

Realy I'm tryin' to make way home.
And I ain't got nothin' but a bottle of sigroms,
And just a memory.

(Thanks to gerard for these lyrics)

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