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Dorchester lyrics

Matt Minglewood

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Lyrics to Dorchester Somewhere in the dark, in a town beneath the border
There's a woman who cries in the night
She has been a loner ever since he's known her
But she keeps her loneliness out of sight
Somewhere on the coast near the Bay of Fundy
There's a place called Dorchester town
In a cell on the block behind the walls of the prison
There's a man on a real come down

They had got together a long long time ago
The love burned right from the start
Buddy was an outlaw, though he tried to change
He just kept breaking her heart
I don't know how it started but I do know how it ended
And it ended up the way it is now
He's doing 20 years in the Dorchester Prison
She's doing 20 years somehow

If he never pulled the gun
He'd never end up on the run
If she never listened to her heart
Why did she listen, listen to her heart

Somehow the years have past and two more hours he's free at last
He'll walk past that wall
Sixty miles down the road, she's driving north with a heavy load
She' s not sure at all

Has he really changed his ways
Or will she only count the days, till the teardrops fall
Will he end up on the run, his only friend a cold gun
When he hears the outlaw call


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