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Don't Smoke lyrics

The Microphones

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Lyrics to Don't Smoke
Is it because
this little part of you wants to be dead?
Or is it because
your life feels empty without some ritual?
Or is it because
the rebellion against the adults hasn't ended yet?
The adults sell cigarettes.
And you are young and rich for now.
You have the ritual of waking up each day and it will fill you.
There's no excuse to start smoking.
Where is the rebellion in acting like a fuck-up--when i embrace simple health?
It is obvious that there is work to do: strong and deliberately.
We are the ones, we have to do it--
no parents or gods.
Taking responsibility,
living in the world on your own.
There's no punishment
only knowing what to do, no excuses
the time is now, do not wait;
go, improve yourself right now.

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