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Do It Good lyrics

Tygers Of Pan Tang

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Lyrics to Do It Good
Got to get, What you want
And when you do, do it good
Ain't no crime, to enjoy yourself
Cause when your own, you'll regret it if you don't

Do you speak up, do you dare
Do you think
Do it good, Do it good
Do you count the days
Is there more to you
Then meets the eye
Do it good, Do it good
Is there more to you than you can say
Love is shining bright, so let it shine
Don't let other people live your life
Don't sacrifice, just do it good
You know you should
Do it, Do it good
You know you should
Do it, good

There ain't no, golden rule
You make your own, and do it good
Wanna break through, to somethin' new
Then go for it, no matter what it is

[Repeat Chorus]


Life's to short, to worry about
Your reputation, so do it good
Don't hide behind, a mask
Get yourself together, and do it good

[Repeat Chorus]

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