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Devil's Land lyrics

Apple Horse

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Lyrics to Devil's Land
You've got to stomp, dance, sing with your hands, we're goin' down down down to the devil's land, cause now is the time for you and me, to take this land, and make it free,
make it free.

You don't know what I have seen, let me key you in on what I mean, the lies you spoke, the dance we danced, the love we shared, the cheap romance,
the cheap romance,

You hung me there (2X)

I dialed your phone with my left hand, the words you spoke were of the devil's land, I held my ground and I kept my peace, but from my heart you stole a piece of me,
a piece of me,

The path we walked was of trodden ground, you and I didn't like the sound, of such strong words falling in this place such strong tears falling from the face of the free
the face of the free

You hung me there (4X)

Giving into comfort like we found ourselves at home, we stormed the earth by day and by the night we'd lit on fire all the bottoms of our shoes while crooning, gnashing from the depths, and now we're innocent enough to love the guilty ones and all those sinners.

Stomp, dance, (stomp, dance)
Sing with your hands (sing with your hands)
Stomp, dance, (stomp, dance)
Sing with your hands
Stomp, dance, (stomp, dance)
Sing with your hands (sing with your hands)
Going down, down (down, down)
To the devil's land

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