Departure Lyrics

Departure lyrics

Audrey Dardenne

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Lyrics to Departure
The day you flew into my life
You light up all my dreams
You put the joy where the fears where
And wrote me such a sweet fairy tale
You said I was the only, I was your lovely one

But if you wanna go
If you wanna dream of it,
If you wanna leave me
What can I say?
How can I do more than loving you?

Today I'll drop you off at the airport
I'm gonna cry, don't ask why
(At the airport sure I will cry, you know why)
I told you stay, you're just going anyway
(Ou vu alé)
I guess I'm not as worth as much as you said
(Kossa mi pe fé tan kou vé alé)

I hope you're finding love
I hope you're finding light
I hope you're finding the one you need
Mi souet a ou bonèr, ke ou trouv out lam sèr ou restra touzour dan mon kèr

Mé si ou ve alé, si ou préfèr oublié
Si ou rev din nouvel vie
Kossa mi pe fé?
Kossa mi pe di?
Somen ke mi aime a ou

I let you go, I let you fly, I let you leave me
(Kossa ma fé san toué? Ma laiss a ou, ma laiss a ou alé, ou laiss a moin)

(Merci à Low pour cettes paroles)

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