Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Lyrics

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy lyrics

Michael Franti And Spearhead

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Lyrics to Crazy, Crazy, Crazy
Shine on
All my people, who been broken hearted
Shine on
From the place where all life has been started
When you need fresh air
Go beyond horizons, to your place in the sun
Shine on
Let your heart be boundless like your faith in the one

It's crazy, crazy, crazy
No stoppin' to this warfare
It's crazy, crazy
We're breathing in the same air
It's crazy, crazy, crazy
Don't tell me that you don't care....

Sing on
From the language of your ancestors and
Sing on
Be playful in your innocence and
Lift your head up high
And rejoice for all you see without your eyes
Sing on
Like a bird that's makin' love in sunset skies


No life's worth more than any other
No sister worth less than any brother


...somebody please send us a prayer!

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