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Lyrics to Conqueror The enemy comes only to
steal, kill and destroy
and because we don't know
who and whose we are
we let them come and steal our joy

Yes it's true we are fall short
but still that gives us no excuse
the enemy is fighting you
just tell him to prepare to lose

'cause I'm more than a conqueror
I'm more, more than a conqueror
I'm more, more than a conqueror
I'm, I'm more, more than a conqueror

Because of God's covenant with me
I always have the victory
No matter what you take from me
God still get's glory from me

The kingdom suffering violence
and the violence taketh more for force
so today we make a stand
Cause we're not taking it no more

More than a conqueror (12x)

(Thanks to Kendra for these lyrics and to kbrookins, bartsha82 and monitasmith1 for corrections)
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