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Lyrics to Clouds Are Gathering
She�¼s got money and she pays
she�¼s not willing to get in the way
business is business and I do not really mind
It�¼s a thrill to kill them with a smile

Mercy is a compromise
and I won�¼t go back on a deal …this time

You�¼re walking blind
not knowing me
your enemy
one step behind
you can�¼t escape
your last mistake

He�¼s got, nothing left to say
he�¼s not, going to come back someday
business is business and I do not really mind
people disappear all the time

There�¼s no need to sympathise
I don�¼t have a single regret …this time

Contract for crime
forgotten profession.

It�¼s natural.
I demonstrate
a practical
human trait.

Walking blind.

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