Christina Lyrics

Christina lyrics

Hildegard Knef

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Lyrics to Christina Christina
Is there something wrong with you today?

Why have you turned your face away?

Just your smile, just your eyes are enough to show the gift you've made to me, for that in your face is a picture of me

Was the sandman in your dream last night?

Did the evening come before the light?

Did I cry as I sang to you softly and you slowly closed your eyes? Let it be that the problems I had have passed me by

When we walk across the mountains of our home

When we pick the edelweiss that grows alone

Catch the wind as it breezes its gentle breath through your golden strands of hair, caressed in the dawn of your life to share

Die dem Fremden sagt: Ich bin Christina

Die den Fremden fragt: Und wer bist du?

Paint a star, paint a sun, paint a dream which so long ago I knew, for here in my face is a picture of you


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