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Chill of Fall lyrics

Summer of Aden

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Lyrics to Chill of Fall
There once was a shame who got put away, because all that is drawn will soon come to fade.
The calendars won't talk.
Split up in groups with messenger dudes.
Summer, year, summer: all we thought we knew.
It's gone real far and now it's known.
Flicked it away and stepped on the flame.
The job is our body,
It won't want to stay in lines and blocks.
Crawl to a party and shake some clean hands.
Only you know what runs in your heads is lost.
An hour after midnight and words can't show it all.

Chilled by,
the meaning of a word,
but it's not that bad to want to turn it around.

I'm gonna look sidways and guess how things look straight.
Resolve the wild cry with things to be done,
until they're done.
Like wind to a sail - guided may fail,
but movement resists the mind to go stale.
The chill of fall is ripe inside,
so wrap your arms around me, 'cos words won't show it all

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