Cherry Ballad Lyrics

Cherry Ballad lyrics

Hanery Amman Band

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Lyrics to Cherry Ballad Here I am leaving on that plane
it looks like a brake in this long game
I'll send you cards you'll send me bills
Oh, just why I have to leave you now
you don't really know, I know.
And all those places we've been before
they will remind me I'm still sore
braking the cage won't be just fun
baby you will understand, oh try once more
that I am just a dreamer on the run.
I can see now, the dead end getting closer
we got to get back the fire in this play
even the best wine tastes like water
if you get to drinh it every day.
Oh, show me a road that does not lead to Rome one way
not lead to Rome one day.
I will remember the stars we shared
when our new love was all we cared
I wonder where's our beginning gone
well now the distnace is done and the search has begun
to find my way back home.
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