Cardboard Cutout Sundown Lyrics

Cardboard Cutout Sundown lyrics

The Captain Beefheart

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Lyrics to Cardboard Cutout Sundown You hardly know a day goes by
in the cardboard cutout sundown
the moon popped up like a gallery duck
sipped up gold from the sunny cup
and longhorns sawed the buggy grass
and a cowboy blew a harp sitting on his chapped ass
and the prarie flowers didn't look a bit queer
and the stars struck the sand cartwheeled
and poked in the prarie
a cactus juice stand the only place
the crows couldn't land
the bluebottle flies were as big
as a cowboy's eyes
and their buzz was as loud as rattlers
a fire engine red whistle blows raspberries
in a cloud of whipped steam
a tungle weed ran out black patent yarn stinkbug hoops
from above a living mail thriving dot
in perfect sympathy
with the cardboard cutout sundown
you hardly know a day goes by
in the cardboard cutout sundown

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