Busted Heart Lyrics

Busted Heart lyrics

Bishop Allen

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To the shipwreck shores
Of a dark and strange country

I was born
A stranger thinking out loud
In a foreign tongue

I was out of place
I was looking all around
Just a trying to find a friendly face
But they're all gone

And did you ever think
Did you ever think, think:
Lotta people everyday who will surely drown?

And did you ever think
Did you ever think, think:
Who left me all alone in this town?

And a busted heart
Is a welcome friend
And when that heart leaves
What will you do then?
And if I cry
Is that a sin?

And wisdom is a whisper
And I'm trying to understand
What I say, what I think, where I sleep, when I breathe
What I do with my hands

Songwriters: Rice, Justin / Rudder, Christian
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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