Bussy Baby Lyrics

Bussy Baby lyrics

Dre Stackz

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Lyrics to Bussy Baby [Hook/Intro]

[1st verse]
Naw first off take ya cloths off shawty
Hit ya wit' da 4 play be4 we get naughty
Can you take da dick if I throw it at ya boo
Might put u on the table and eat you like a plate of food
Give mo licks din a post stamp boo
Now rub on dat clit while I put da dick deep
Legs straight up let da ceilin' meet ya feet
Grab da sheets scream n moan
Now climb on top ride it like ya rollin' chrome
Ya body be my treasure my dick a be ya throne
Remain seated shawty ride da dick strong
Get da pussy runnin' like a waterfall
Aint a painter but my brush stroking dem walls
Bend ova ta da front make ya chest touch da sheets
Keep it poppin' in da damn straight I'm a freak
Energizer keep goin till ya ass fall asleep


[2nd verse]
Shawty I be on ya soon as you step in da doe
Take ya cloths off till there ain't no mo
Be4 we touch da couch already bangin' you out
Dick in dat pussy and ya tit in my mouth
Personal trainer I'm a work dat ass out
Call me Tyson how I beat it up, stay focused
Now grind on dat dick baby slow motion
Like shottie pull back da cock and leave you fully loaded
Din get dat pussy on da wall dats da perfect picture
Call me da post man I'm here ta deliver
Beat da pussy hard get da walls rockin'
Call me saint nick I'ma feel yo stockin'
On dat dick get da pussy poppin'
From da counter tops ta da bedroom flo'
You can get it fast or slow
How you want it shawty gon' let a nigga know

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