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Brightly lyrics

Sleeping At Last

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Lyrics to Brightly So close,
Yet barely breathing,
My responses are weak.

Though my eyes are shut tightly,
May I see you brightly.

Handshakes and fake smiles
Always make me nervous...
Close the door,
Please, close the door.

We rise and fall
From you,
We rise and fall
Far from you.
Climb, climb, climb...
We fall.

May we learn from
The signals of our past,
The sharpest words we cast
And begin again.

I can hear their voices
Through the walls of this place...
This cold, cold place
We rise and fall from you,
We rise and fall far from you.

So close, Yet barely breathing,
My responses are weak.

Trace these fingerprints, closely now
And they will form what you're looking for.
We'll make new prints once more

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