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Lyrics to Born And our father will try again
to reach our bleeding hearts
Whithin sub minds are fragments
of a never ending war

Despite the sorrow
and the loss of reason
His sickened soul will try to touch us
one more time

We are the messenders of
disbelief and loss
Don't even try to hesitate
I am the serpent from the other side

I offer the pure and dreadful sins
No future just ths moment yet to live

I am the unpredictable glory

Glory to the existence of hate
Born from the creature

I am the unpredicatable glory

Glory to the ruin of faith
Bruised and buried by blood

Secrifice the broken
Reborn as a builder
He who creates the power of all
Sacrifice the creature
Reborn as a goddess
She who creates all flesh and its fall

I am the unpredictable glory

Glory to the existenceof hate
Born from the creature
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