Bass Beat Lyrics

Bass Beat lyrics

Dj Drama & Lil Wayne

Bass Beat Video:
Lyrics to Bass Beat
Get That Money Thats My Top Commitment
Yall Niggaz Just Talkin Yall Politicians
But Let Me Get Slick Real Quick
Like Rick Without The Patch On My Eye Take A Patch Out The Sky Cuz Im Fly
I Say That A Lot And Imma Keep On Thousand Dollar Jeans On Nigga Keep Going
Keep Walking Peace Holmes
You Won'T Find Me At My Beach Home
Im Out Cha Reach Arm
I Gotta Speach For Em
Um Fuck Them And Whoever Know Em
Im Steppin In Revorlters With A Nasty Ass Virgo
She Feeling My Gangsta I Aint Even Have To Game Her
But That Came Natural Sorta Like Magical
How I Dissappear When I Dip In The Bathroom
But Ill Be Back Soon Fucking With Them Raccoons
Like Jacki Gleason On His Honey Moon

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