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Asleep With You lyrics

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Lyrics to Asleep With You Skip a rock across the river
wishing that you were never around (around)
lets get back to the basic
and coming from you it seems almost jaded
but i've heard this one before

you and i would never part, if we had never started

fall asleep with you
tell me what you want to hear
i'll tell you it's true
fall asleep with you
this is what we do

skip the page, second chapter
night with you, i think never
oh i think never
cut the scene, now burn away
you stared at me like an actor, an actor

if we ever fall asleep
i don't mind the pain

(and you tell it to me)

fall asleep with you
this is what we got to do
fall asleep with you
this is what we do

and be patient
because they all have their eyes on you

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