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Ask The Lonely lyrics

Four Tops

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Lyrics to Ask The Lonely (Just ask the lonely)
When you feel that you can make it alone
Remember no one is big enough to go it alone
Just ask the lonely
They know the hurt and pain
Of losing a love you can never regain
(Just ask the lonely)
Just ask the lonely
The young and foolish let
Their love sway and run away
How buckle and sure that fate
Will bring another love their way
But ask the lonely
How how badly a heart will burn
I want you to know that will never return
(Just ask the lonely)
Just ask the lonely
They will tell you
They'll tell you a story of sadness
A story too hard to believe
And tell you the loneliest one is me
(Just ask the lonely)
Just ask the lonely
Ask me
I am the loneliest one, you'll SEE

Songwriters: Hunter, Ivy Jo / Stevenson, William
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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