Are You Sleeping, Maggie? Lyrics

Are You Sleeping, Maggie? lyrics

Dougie Maclean

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Lyrics to Are You Sleeping, Maggie? Mirk and rainy is the night
No a star'n a' the carry
Lightnings gleam athwart the lift
And winds drive in wi' winter's fury
O are ye sleepin', Maggie?
O are ye sleepin', Maggie?
Let me in for loud the linn
Is roaring o'er the warlock craigie
Fearfu' soughs the boortree bank
The rifted wood roars wild and dreary
Loud the iron yett does clank
And cry o' howlets mak's me eerie
O are ye sleepin', Maggie? etc.
Aboon my breath I daurna speak
For fear I rouse your waukrife daddie
Cauld's the blast upon my cheek
O rise, rise, my bonnie lady!
O are ye sleepin', Maggie etc.
She op't the door, she let him in
He cuist aside his dreepin' plaidie
Blaw your warst ye rain an' win'
Since Maggie now I'm in aside ye
Now since ye're wakin Maggie!
Now since ye're wakin' Maggie!
What care I for howlets cry
For boortree bank or warlock craigie

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